Building Together

Our Relationship Engagement Platform, RASA, provides businesses and organisations with a platform for delivering timely content to targeted audiences. It incorporates the tools required to build online communities and engage users, and to measure and report on that engagement. The RASA platform can be used to create everything from monthly promotional posts to real-time conference updates, onboarding and ongoing training modules for staff, and promotional and educational material for clients - all delivered inside one branded mobile-first app experience.

What we are best at

Our Services

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App Development
We can create bespoke apps for you or your organisation, built on our RASA relationship engagement platform, incorporating live content and community tools.
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Content Creation
Let us craft your message to help you engage with your community, including everything from short social media content to in-depth course creation.
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Content Management
As well as helping you to create new content, we can help you organise and manage your existing content so that it can be delivered in an effective manner to the right audiences.